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Working with Laura

"I found a home in Laura’s class. I feel confident under the guidance of a coach that continues to work in this industry. She teaches what she uses every day. Her individualized style of teaching lets me know that I am always strengthening the part of my craft that needs it most. All of this takes place in an environment that is safe, honest, and uplifting."


- Ashley Wolfe, Actor


"Some actors have a natural talent for bringing characters to life. Some actors know how to study a text in order to approach a role. Laura is the rare actor who combines both. She can discuss a project intellectually but also knows the part of the artistic process that can’t be accessed except through instinct and intuition. I’ve collaborated with her on many projects, both when she was performing and coaching other performers. Her sensitivity and talent are truly extraordinary."


-Eli Rarey, Actor and Director


I've been studying with Laura for over two years. When I get a script I don't panic anymore. Her teaching method, which is very heavy on analysis, is so strong that you're never guessing about what to do with a certain line or the objective for your character. She'll be hard on you, and it will make you so much better. Do the work and you'll make better acting choices than the competition.

-Rachel Pearl, Actor

"Laura makes you get extremely specific with the script but also lets you find your way there by trying as many choices as possible till you find what feels right. She fine-tunes instincts and ability. She makes you a consistent actor."

-Ted Welch, Actor and Writer

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