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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the Advanced Scene Study class if I am a beginner?

The concepts of the class are advanced, but the class is for actors of all levels! Our studio member's experience levels vary from those whom you can see in current TV & film productions to those who have no experience prior to attending our classes! Every student at our studio is serious about their craft and every student (whether in the business for ages or new to it) has something to offer the rest of the community. All that is required is your commitment to learning and doing the work. 

Are your workshops included or do I have to pay for those separately? 

Some workshops are included and some are an additional fee. We do our best to have frequent workshops that are included in your session fee or heavily discounted as long as you are currently enrolled in an Advanced Scene Study class. Check out our upcoming workshops here.

What is Technique Night?

We begin each session with "Technique Night" where we delve deep into a tool or exercise from a specific acting technique. For example, one month it could be a Meisner exercise and the next it could be a sense memory exercise from Strasberg's Method, etc. When we are learning new exercises in class the most important thing is that actors feel safe in the environment to try new things. We reserve this time for people already committed to class, therefore we don't invite audits on these evenings. You are welcome to audit any of the other three weeks of the session! To schedule a free audit, click here

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